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Medium Claw Clips


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Beautiful medium claw clips.
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Hair Claw Medium Flower Black 2 (SKU: 045020)Hair Claw Medium Flower Black 2 (SKU: 045020)
Hair Claw Medium Flower Brown (SKU: 045022)Hair Claw Medium Flower Brown (SKU: 045022)
Hair Claw Medium Flower Red (SKU: 045023)Hair Claw Medium Flower Red (SKU: 045023)
Hair Claw Medium Gold Black Purple (SKU: 045025)Hair Claw Medium Gold Black Purple (SKU: 045025)
Hair Claw Medium Gold Burgundy (SKU: 045026)Hair Claw Medium Gold Burgundy (SKU: 045026)
Hair Claw Medium Gold Burgundy Red (SKU: 045027)Hair Claw Medium Gold Burgundy Red (SKU: 045027)
Hair Claw Medium Gold Floral (SKU: 045028)Hair Claw Medium Gold Floral (SKU: 045028)
Hair Claw Medium Gold Floral 1 (SKU: 045029)Hair Claw Medium Gold Floral 1 (SKU: 045029)
Hair Claw Medium Gold Floral 4 (SKU: 045032)Hair Claw Medium Gold Floral 4 (SKU: 045032)
Hair Claw Medium Gold Floral Red (SKU: 045033)Hair Claw Medium Gold Floral Red (SKU: 045033)
Hair Claw Medium Gold Red (SKU: 045035)Hair Claw Medium Gold Red (SKU: 045035)
Hair Claw Medium Margay Black (SKU: 045036)Hair Claw Medium Margay Black (SKU: 045036)
Hair Claw Medium Margay Blue (SKU: 045037)Hair Claw Medium Margay Blue (SKU: 045037)
Hair Claw Medium Margay Brown (SKU: 045038)Hair Claw Medium Margay Brown (SKU: 045038)
Hair Claw Medium Margay Orange (SKU: 045039)Hair Claw Medium Margay Orange (SKU: 045039)
Hair Claw Medium Margay Pink (SKU: 045040)Hair Claw Medium Margay Pink (SKU: 045040)
Hair Claw Medium Margay Red (SKU: 045041)Hair Claw Medium Margay Red (SKU: 045041)
Hair Claw Medium Plaid Black (SKU: 045042)Hair Claw Medium Plaid Black (SKU: 045042)
Hair Claw Medium Plaid Blue (SKU: 045043)Hair Claw Medium Plaid Blue (SKU: 045043)
Hair Claw Medium Plaid Pink (SKU: 045044)Hair Claw Medium Plaid Pink (SKU: 045044)
Hair Claw Medium Plaid Purple (SKU: 045045)Hair Claw Medium Plaid Purple (SKU: 045045)
Hair Claw Medium Plaid Red (SKU: 045046)Hair Claw Medium Plaid Red (SKU: 045046)
Hair Claw Medium Plaid Yellow (SKU: 045047)Hair Claw Medium Plaid Yellow (SKU: 045047)
Hair Claw Medium Sparkle Beige (SKU: 045048)Hair Claw Medium Sparkle Beige (SKU: 045048)
Hair Claw Medium Sparkle Black (SKU: 045049)Hair Claw Medium Sparkle Black (SKU: 045049)
Hair Claw Medium Sparkle Blue (SKU: 045050)Hair Claw Medium Sparkle Blue (SKU: 045050)
Hair Claw Medium Sparkle Pink (SKU: 045051)Hair Claw Medium Sparkle Pink (SKU: 045051)
Hair Claw Medium Sparkle White (SKU: 045052)Hair Claw Medium Sparkle White (SKU: 045052)
Medium Claw Clip Bear Light Pink (SKU: 045057)Medium Claw Clip Bear Light Pink (SKU: 045057)
Medium Claw Clip Bear White (SKU: 045058)Medium Claw Clip Bear White (SKU: 045058)
Medium Claw Clip Black Flower (SKU: 045007)Medium Claw Clip Black Flower (SKU: 045007)
Medium Claw Clip Black Star (SKU: 045008)Medium Claw Clip Black Star (SKU: 045008)
Medium Claw Clip Blue (SKU: 045012)Medium Claw Clip Blue (SKU: 045012)
Medium Claw Clip Blue Daisy (SKU: 045009)Medium Claw Clip Blue Daisy (SKU: 045009)
Medium Claw Clip Blue Heart 1 (SKU: 045010)Medium Claw Clip Blue Heart 1 (SKU: 045010)
Medium Claw Clip Blue Heart 2 (SKU: 045011)Medium Claw Clip Blue Heart 2 (SKU: 045011)
Medium Claw Clip Dots 1 (SKU: 045013)Medium Claw Clip Dots 1 (SKU: 045013)
Medium Claw Clip Dots 2 (SKU: 045014)Medium Claw Clip Dots 2 (SKU: 045014)
Medium Claw Clip Dots 3 (SKU: 045015)Medium Claw Clip Dots 3 (SKU: 045015)
Medium Claw Clip Dots 4 (SKU: 045016)Medium Claw Clip Dots 4 (SKU: 045016)
Medium Claw Clip Dots 5 (SKU: 045017)Medium Claw Clip Dots 5 (SKU: 045017)
Medium Claw Clip Dots 6 (SKU: 045018)Medium Claw Clip Dots 6 (SKU: 045018)
Medium Claw Clip Gs Black (SKU: 045083)Medium Claw Clip Gs Black (SKU: 045083)
Medium Claw Clip Gs Brown (SKU: 045084)Medium Claw Clip Gs Brown (SKU: 045084)
Medium Claw Clip Jaguar Brown (SKU: 045076)Medium Claw Clip Jaguar Brown (SKU: 045076)
Medium Claw Clip Mosaic Brown (SKU: 045081)Medium Claw Clip Mosaic Brown (SKU: 045081)
Medium Claw Clip Rings Blue (SKU: 045069)Medium Claw Clip Rings Blue (SKU: 045069)
Medium Claw Clip Rings Brown (SKU: 045070)Medium Claw Clip Rings Brown (SKU: 045070)
Medium Claw Clip Rings Gold (SKU: 045071)Medium Claw Clip Rings Gold (SKU: 045071)
Medium Claw Clip Rings Pink (SKU: 045072)Medium Claw Clip Rings Pink (SKU: 045072)
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