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Handmade Fudge


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Handmade Fudge Butter Pecan (SKU: F001)Handmade Fudge Butter Pecan (SKU: F001)
Handmade Fudge Caramel Chocolate Nut (SKU: F002)Handmade Fudge Caramel Chocolate Nut (SKU: F002)
Handmade Fudge Caramel Vanilla Nut (SKU: F003)Handmade Fudge Caramel Vanilla Nut (SKU: F003)
Handmade Fudge Cherry Blossom (SKU: F020)Handmade Fudge Cherry Blossom (SKU: F020)
Handmade Fudge Chocolate (SKU: F004)Handmade Fudge Chocolate (SKU: F004)
Handmade Fudge Chocolate Cheese Cake (SKU: F005)Handmade Fudge Chocolate Cheese Cake (SKU: F005)
Handmade Fudge Chocolate Walnut (SKU: F006)Handmade Fudge Chocolate Walnut (SKU: F006)
Handmade Fudge Country Road (SKU: F007)Handmade Fudge Country Road (SKU: F007)
Handmade Fudge Maple Nut (SKU: F008)Handmade Fudge Maple Nut (SKU: F008)
Handmade Fudge Mint Chocolate Swirl (SKU: F009)Handmade Fudge Mint Chocolate Swirl (SKU: F009)
Handmade Fudge Mint Swirl (SKU: F019)Handmade Fudge Mint Swirl (SKU: F019)
Handmade Fudge Orange Swirl (SKU: F010)Handmade Fudge Orange Swirl (SKU: F010)
Handmade Fudge Peanut Butter (SKU: F011)Handmade Fudge Peanut Butter (SKU: F011)
Handmade Fudge Peanut Butter Chocolate (SKU: F012)Handmade Fudge Peanut Butter Chocolate (SKU: F012)
Handmade Fudge Pure Love (SKU: F013)Handmade Fudge Pure Love (SKU: F013)
Handmade Fudge Rocky Road (SKU: F014)Handmade Fudge Rocky Road (SKU: F014)
Handmade Fudge Rose Kiss (SKU: F018)Handmade Fudge Rose Kiss (SKU: F018)
Handmade Fudge Snickers (SKU: F015)Handmade Fudge Snickers (SKU: F015)
Handmade Fudge Tiger (SKU: F016)Handmade Fudge Tiger (SKU: F016)
Handmade Fudge Turtle (SKU: F017)Handmade Fudge Turtle (SKU: F017)
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