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Hair Clips Heaven Blog

Hair Clips Heaven Blog

  1. Our Customer Demo

    Yak Horn Hair Stick

  2. Our Customer Demo

    Jumbo Claw Clip

  3. Our Customer Demo

    Small Alligator Hair Clip

  4. Our Customer Demo

    Flower Alligator Hair Clip

  5. Have you been to our store? We are in downtown Wilmington NC in the building The Cotton Exchange.

    Come and try our hair clips. We have new clips and other new products just arrived!

    Store Left
    Store Right

  6. The most creative customer we've ever seen! Thank you so much, Diane!

    Hair Claw and Alligator Hair ClipsHair Claw and Alligator Hair Clips-1

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    Aw~~~isn't she adorable?

    Adorable Flower Alligator Clip Girl

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    Big thanks to those beautiful ladies who let us use our unique Yak Horn Hair Sticks to put their gorgeous long hair up for photo taking.

    We took many photos but not all of them are here since sometimes we did not do a good job on operating the camera...lol.

    We use one single hair stick to hold the hair up, no any other pins or rubber bands, can you believe it?

    You are welcome to try our hair peices. Just stop by our stores in the Independance Mall or Cotton Exchange here in Wilmington, NC. We will be more than happy to help you!

    We would love to hear from you so please leave comments and let us know what you think.

    Before: long hair 3

    After-1: yak horn hair stick after-1

    After-2 yak horn hair stick after-2

    Before: long hair 1

    After-1: After-1

    After-2: After-2

    Before: long hair 2

    After: after-3

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    Stop by our store if you are in Wilmington, NC. Try our hair clips, Chinese dresses, Chinese shoes, you'll love them too!

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